Tips For Getting Started in Construction

There’s no shortage of opportunities available for young people today. New professions continue to arise due to the creation of new technology and industries. Entrepreneurship is on the rise. And more individuals are finding meaningful career opportunities without having to take on debt through a traditional four-year college experience. Knowing where to go from high school can be overwhelming. 

The construction industry offers a future that is bright — meaningful work without taking on debt with the ability for quick advancement. But how can you test-run the industry before you decide? Here are some tips for ways to learn more and explore whether construction might be the perfect place to write your next chapter. 

Quick Introductions To Construction

One of the quickest ways to experience what it’s like to work in the construction industry is to job shadow a local construction company near you. You can spend a few hours at a work site, talking with construction workers at all levels of the organization and see how the team works together to bring a project to life. 

Simply search online for construction companies in your area and either reach out via email or give them a call. You could also work with your school guidance counselor for recommendations or even reach out to the Build Iowa team. We’d love to help connect you with companies who want to show you what working in the industry is all about. 

Another great way to get connected to local construction companies is through career fairs. Each year Build Iowa hosts several career fairs throughout the state working to connect high school students with construction companies. These companies are eager to meet you and help you discover whether a career in construction would be a good fit.

Career Exploration Programs

If you’re looking for opportunities that can provide you with more insight into what it is like to work in the industry while also gaining skills that can help support a future career, we recommend checking out apprenticeships, internships and seasonal jobs. 

Apprenticeships are a postsecondary program that allow you to learn while you earn — meaning you can bank serious cash while also learning and developing your skills. Apprenticeships combine both classroom and field work where you spend around 80% of your time in the field and the other time in the classroom. Typically, with an apprenticeship, you’re learning a specific craft role — such as masonry, welding, electrician, plumbing and carpentry to name a few. (To learn more about apprenticeships, check out our blog here.)

Internships are typically short-term learning experiences where you get to work directly with professionals related to your field of interest. You’ll get hands-on experience in a safe, supervised environment to help you learn as much as possible. 

Seasonal construction jobs are another great way to gain experience and earn money at the same time. Oftentimes, this is during the summer — when even more the demand for construction workers is even greater and students have more free time. 

There are a variety of ways to get started and learn more about the construction industry. We invite you to explore, ask questions and follow Build Iowa to help you decide whether construction is a future path you want to pursue. 

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